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What has Become of the Not Fucking Around Coalition
and Grand Master Jay?
​Robert Kagan
Editor's Note:

USA Today's Article: The Obituary on the Not Fucking Around Coalition 

Welcome to our new page: Black Home Guard. Our first story is USA Today's October 8, 2021, article on the U.S. government's targeting of the Not Fucking Around Coalition [NFAC] and its Supreme Commander, "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson. 

The article features Grandmaster Jay's most expansive interview since being arrested on December 4, 2020, on charges of “assaulting, resisting or impeding” officers while brandishing a firearm." He faces 27 years in prison.

Tracing NFAC's meteoric rise and fall as the largest armed Black radical militia group since the 1960's Black Power era, writers Alain Stephens and Will Carless didn't pen a factual "hit piece." They stay within the lines, and Grandmaster Jay is afforded the ink and quotes to voice his narrative.  

Nevertheless, the article's bottom line is clear: This is the Not Fucking Around Coalition's obituary.  

At the NFAC’s July 2021,"Drop The Charges Weekend,” picnic in Louisville, Stephens and Carless observed that, "This time there was no march before a cheering crowd. The guns were nowhere to be seen. Grandmaster Jay’s troops had shrunk to a small crew of loyalists. "  

Stating that Johnson's "cocky, steel-eyed confidence that has made him a messiah to tens of thousands of Black Americans" regurgitates the dubious 60s trope that Black people maintain a high propensity to flock to messianic leaders. 

No. Black people supported the NFAC because they understood that armed self-defense is a righteous and appropriate response to gratuitous security-state violence visited on the Black community, and the rise of white nationalist militias under the Trump administration. In fact, questions about Grandmaster Jay's background, authenticity, and leadership style has frequently been a subject of discussion in black communities since the Stone Mountain march.

New Black Nationalists continue to support the NFAC. We condemn the government's attacks on Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC, and we call on the Black community to opposes the attempt to neutralize the organization.  
We commend our readers to the article and careful reading of Grandmaster Jay's comments, which we shall comment on in the future.

Black People Formed One of the Largest Militias in the U.S. Now Its Leader Is In Prosecutors’ Crosshairs

The Trace & USA Today

10.08. 2021

​In late July 2020, as Louisville, Kentucky, fumed in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s killing in a botched police raid, a militia group descended on the city.

A phalanx of hundreds of Black men and women, all clad in black, marched through downtown. Some wore body armor, others had gas masks. They wore pistols on their belts and carried shotguns and AR-15-style rifles.

It was the latest rally of the Not Fucking Around Coalition, an armed group that says it’s dedicated to protecting Black lives from police brutality. And it got the attention of experts who track extremist movements.

“It was the biggest public display by an armed militia I have ever seen,” said J.J. MacNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism who has studied the militia movement for 25 years. “Nobody was expecting that.”

A year later, NFAC, as the group is known, was back in Louisville. Its leader, Grandmaster Jay, whose real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson, retained the cocky, steel-eyed confidence that has made him a messiah to tens of thousands of Black Americans. He wore his trademark body armor and sunglasses in the summer heat and spoke grandly of self-defense, Black empowerment and the creation of a Black nation.

This time there was no march before a cheering crowd. The guns were nowhere to be seen. Grandmaster Jay’s troops had shrunk to a small crew of loyalists.

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The Black
Home Guard

Welcome to the BHG Forum

The Black Home Guard:
An Armed Black Self-Defense Movement

"The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. In the process, the colonized acquire a peculiar visceral intelligence dedicated to the survival of body and soul." 

  Frantz Fanon

A new movement is afoot in Black communities across America's settler state. It's animating ideal is individual, collective, and community armed self-defense. New Black Nationalists have characterized this kinetic resistance as the Black Home Guard movement. 

Unlike most movements, Black Home Guard [BHG] has no charismatic leader, no snappy slogan that rolls off the tongue, no flagship organization, no collective manifesto, no financial maven bankrolling its sundry projects, no public relations gurus crafting messaging strategies, and no action plan. 

The Black Home Guard is an unwieldy polyglot of Black women’s shooting clubs, self-defense community-based groups, radical gun clubs, national Black gun associations, 501 C-3's, Second Amendment Rights activists, Black religious, separatist, and nationalist militias. 

Hovering on the perimeter of the BHG are heavily armed street toughs, crews, petty criminals, and hustlers schooled in the arts of the narcotics trade. This cohort of Black gun owners, overlaid by an edgy tableau of hip-hop culture is what 1960s radicals called the "lumpenproletariat."

If the BHG concert is connected by a common thread, it is their activities and rhetoric are couched in the legal cloth of 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.  

It also appears that the launch point for the BHG's emergence coincided with the breakout of the Black Lives Matter 1.0 movement in 2013. 

The inability of the Black Lives Matter's 1.0 protests (2013-16) to staunch the spate of police vigilante assassinations, and its failure to pressure the security state into jailing murderous cops marked a critical transition point.

In June 2016, black radical Micah Xavier Johnson, killed five Dallas policemen after a BLM rally. Two weeks later, Gavin Long took down three Baton Rouge cops. Those shootings, while not the subject of wide ranging discussion in the Black community, triggered an undercurrent of armed resistance that would conspicuously surface in 2020.  

In the interim, BLM 1.0's political retreat after Trump's election in 2016, was followed by the August 2017, battle of Charlottesville, VA. The violent Unite the Right rally, capped off by Trump's defense of them as "very fine people," green-lit the fractured white nationalist militia movement. 

Ironically, Charlottesville set off a series of deadly running street battles across the country between white nationalists militias and predominantly white Antifa anarchists for the next two years.  

In the meantime, OG's of 1960s Black nationalist movements and their youthful successors took advantage of the respite to start quietly rebuilding their ranks. Deciphering the code of Trump and resurgent white nationalism, Black nationalist self-defense groups began preparing for a next phase of struggle.  

Black gun clubs and self -defense groups like the New Black Panther Party, the New Black New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the Huey Newton Gun Club, the Fred Hampton Gun Club, Black Moors and Black Hebrew Israelite groups all experienced growth spurts. 

From 2018 to 2020, we also witnessed the slow build of civic organizations, associations, and Black 2nd Amendment Rights groups like the Black Gun Owners Association and the National African American Gun Association.  

By 2020, these organizations sparse membership rolls and smattering of local chapters exploded into fully fledged national organizations. The NAAGA's website crashed from new adherents lighting up their web portal.  

In 2020, Black people posted the biggest increases (up 58.2%) in national gun purchases of any national sub-group during the first six months of the year. Black women were the fastest growing demographic. 

Then came George Floyd's police assassination in May 2020. The explosion of Black rage and unprecedented protests aggressively confronted the security state, besieged government complexes, and tore down historical monuments to white supremacy 

The escalation of kinetic confrontation also reflected a new consciousness taking shape in challenging state-sanctioned anti-Black violence. The willingness of Black protesters to physically engage the security state, burn down police stations, and take down law enforcement officers was just one aspect of the transition to Black Lives Matter 2.0.--the Lavender Revolution.  

There would be more to come. The chrysalis of the Black armed self-defense movement burst into full-bloom on July 4, 2020. The 1000- person strong Not Fucking Around Coalition march on Stone Mountain, Georgia--the sacred ground of the Confederacy--broke the glass.  

In the aftermath of the NFAC march, small black militias groups surfaced in Oklahoma City, Michigan, Kansas City, Baltimore, Hartford, and other cities.  

Despite the government's attacks on NFAC leader "Grandmaster Jay," and their attempts to decapitate the Black militia movement, the genie is out of the bottle. Armed Black self-defenses groups are not going away. Quite the opposite, they will continue to grow. 

Two months after George Floyd's assassination, the conservative Rasmussen Group conducted a poll that found half of American voters are worried that a violent overthrow of the US government will be attempted in the next ten years.

Rasmussen’s poll showed 18% of respondents think an attempted violent overthrow of the government is highly likely, while 32% think it’s somewhat likely. The poll was taken over a two-day period from July 2 – 4. “This was a surprise,” Scott Rasmussen said. “Upon reflection, though, it probably shouldn’t have been.” That’s an understatement. 

The August 3, 2020, Rasmussen poll comes as no surprise to New Black Nationalists. Nor was the January 6, Capitol Coup to overturn the 2020 election results by white nationalists and Republican Party leaders, who are now openly fomenting "civil war."

At this juncture, where the Black Home Guard Movement is headed, and how strong it becomes, is up for grabs. What we know is that this movement is anchored by a core group of nationalists-leaning Black radicals. 

American Empire's accelerating collapse, and growing numbers of white people turning to civil war as the solution to overcome the Browning of America, is going to require more than a radical reformist response.  

The new Black Home Guard section of our website is dedicated to tracking, analyzing, and probing the development of this kinetic resistance rising from the Black street.  

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