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Dispatch No.3 From the Front 

Excerpts: You Will Not Replace Us!
by Reynaud Camus - French Replacement Theorist

On Jews

"A number of Jewish communities in Europe who had survived the Holocaust do not survive the Great Replacement. Thousands of French Jews are leaving the country each year, choosing to make their Alyah because they feel they have no choice.

This, on top of personal feelings, is one of the reasons why I was deeply shocked to learn that, during the notorious anti-remplacist demonstration in Charlottesville, in 2017 ...the people were shouting 'You will not replace us,' which, of course, I thoroughly and enthusiastically approve of.

I am very much accustomed to the ways of the mainstream press, and I know their delight in mentioning as central, in the actions of their adversaries, what was in fact totally marginal - were shouting Jews will not replace Us! It is not the Jews that are replacing you." 

On the immigration of Africans and Muslims

"The population stock of France had experienced little variations in time between what is termed the Great Invasions (by Huns, Goths, Wisigoths and the like), during the 6th and 7th centuries...For about fifteen centuries, the French population has been remarkably stable, at least in its ethnical composition...But mass migration as it started in the mid-seventies is an entirely distinct phenomenon. There are striking differences between the two migratory trends, not only in their respective orders of magnitude, from thousands to millions of people, but also because immigrants in the late 19th century and during first two-thirds of the 20th century were in their huge majority sharing the Christian faith and more specifically the Roman Catholic denomination, i.e. the dominant religion, of the French, and practically all of them were of European stock; whilst late 20th century and 21st-century immigrants have almost all been African and more often than not Muslim. Their African culture and Mahometanism make it a much stronger challenge for them to become integrated into French culture and civilization, all the more so because most of them show no desire whatsoever to achieve any such integration, whether as individuals or communities.

American and European Replacement

The United States, especially under the presidency of Barack Obama, have shown themselves very favourable to the change of people and civilisation in Europe, and almost impatient to see it made irreversible. In France the American embassy is in close touch with the so-called "quartiers populaires" and has set up a system of grants and fellowships whose laureates have been almost exclusively of African descent, which shows whom the United States consider as the most likely leaders of tomorrow's France. But with Donald Trump America began to realize that it was itself just as menaced by the frightful Great Replacement as Europe is. Hence the shouts of You Will Not Replace Us at Charlottesville and elsewhere.

The truth is that Europe and the Atlantic are being replaced in the heart, eyes and interests of Americans by Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and that is for a large part the result of a shift in population on the American territory itself. For a growing number of Americans, Europe is not the Old Country anymore, the land of the ancestors. Replacists can be replaced, they are actually being replaced, and if they are not they will soon be. As far as replacement goes, America is at least as much a victim as it is a culprit.

Greg Johnson - Editor-in-Chief: 

​Excepts - Comment on Replacement Theory


I have read it, and nothing about it seems obviously fake. I am convinced that he is exactly what he claims to be: a race-conscious white man who thought that he could stop the Great Replacement by killing at a supermarket. The people who immediately started claiming that this operation is somehow a “false flag” or that Gendron is a “glowie” need to present evidence. The person responsible for this attack is Payton Gendron. Not white people. Not White Nationalists. Not his gun. Not /pol/. Not memes. Not the ideas of “white genocide” or “the Great Replacement.” Not the First Amendment or the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Payton Gendron has been arrested. He should be tried and punished, alone. We cannot allow censors and gun-grabbers to weaponize and politically exploit this terrible event. We cannot allow innocents to be targeted by yet another online lynch mob of hysterical Leftists. Gendron’s crime is bad enough. Creating a backlash that harms innocent people will only make it worse.

Deceptive people will argue that Gendron’s crimes were caused by the “conspiracy theory” of “the Great Replacement.” They’ll blame Renaud Camus for coining the term. They’ll blame Tucker Carlson for popularizing it. But their blame is misplaced. They’re not getting to the “root problem,” which is simply that the Great Replacement is real, and it will remain a real and growing problem, even if all discussion of it is censored."

The Buffalo Massacre and Great Replacement Theory: 
The Language of Civil War


​In the aftermath of Buffalo's May 14, 2022, mass execution of ten Black people, the specter of Great Replacement Theory looms over the Black Commons. Whether white nationalist terrorist attacks on Black communities in any place, at any time constitutes the new normal is a vexing issue.  

The Buffalo massacre raises consequential questions concerning the scope and motivation of unbridled white nationalist violence directed against the Black Commons. What is to be made of the rise of Great Replacement Theory? 

Is it merely another iteration of white supremist doctrine each generation of Anglo-Saxons is obliged to craft to stiffen the spine of its minions? We think otherwise. And what does its intersection with the broad-church of white nationalist forces portend for the future? 
​In two words, civil war. 

New Black Nationalists loathe hypocrisy, so let us speak clearly. We're not just talking about violence that goes one way. Civil war is not and will not be a unilateral affair. 

The April Sunset Park subway shooting this year in Brooklyn, and the November 2021, SUV attack at Waukesha, Wisconsin's Christmas parade that killed six people involved Black suspects. The growing body of these asymmetric attacks are pre-cursers of a wider civil conflagration to come.  

Atavistic white nationalist ideology like the Great Replacement Theory [GRT] is a call to action as much as a doctrine of belief. Buffalo's depraved 18-year-old Neo-Nazi walked in the footprint of El Paso's 2019 Walmart massacre and Pittsburgh’s 2018 Tree of Life Synagogue assassinations. Compelled by GRT, he inflicted mortal wounds on Black flesh in the service of white ​nationalism. 

Buffalo's mass murderer was both a counter-revolutionary actor, and a metaphor. He was a disciple of Great Replacement Theory and an "accelerationist." White nationalist "accelerationists" believe American Empire is in terminal decay and spiraling into freefall. Terrorist attacks, spectacular killings, and half-baked coup attempts like January 6, at the U.S. Capitol are intended to shock and destabilize society, thereby speeding up or accelerating governmental collapse and civil war.  

New Black Nationalists argue here that an American white nationalist variant of French philosopher Renaud Camus's 2011 Great Replacement Theory has congealed as a distinct construct. We call this variant Cathedral GRT. It charges Democrats, coastal elites, Jews, and Davos globalists with prosecuting a genocidal war against the white race. 

The Cathedral variant of Great Replacement Theory haphazardly articulated by Donald Trump, Republican Party cretins, Alt-Right academics and stormfront militias is an inchoate fabrication that seeks to arrest this "genocidal war" against whites. 

Accordingly, genocide against the white race can only be averted by creating an authoritarian white ruled American Apartheid state. As genocide constitutes an existential threat to whites, American Apartheid must be achieved and maintained by any means necessary; stolen elections, extraconstitutional coup d' tats, and civil war, just to name a few. 

At this critical juncture, it's important that the Black Commons not simply dismiss Buffalo's assassin as a deranged white boy, who hated Blacks and went off the deep end believing another racist fantasy. Since Trump left 'The Apprentice" to play President of White America for Life, conspiracy theories have become the mother's milk of the Republican Party and the hard right.  

But Great Replacement Theory is not the same as QAnon conspiracy theories alleging America is controlled by Satanic pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking operation. It's not wacky GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's fantasy that the Jewish Rothschild banking family built a space laser that started the 2018 California wildfires.  

​Quite the opposite, GRT is metastasizing as the dominant theme uniting divergent white nationalist forces under the canard of 'preventing white genocide.' GRT is being injected into MAGASTAN's bloodstream on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis through a megaphone called Fox News. 

Its staying power, however, is not derived from Tucker Carlson's carnival barking rants about white electoral displacement by black, brown, and yellow foreign-born immigrant voters. The animating force of the Cathedral GRT variant is that it's grounded in real racial, ethnic, national, and religious demographic shifts. 

Seismic population transfers from Global South to Global North are overwhelmed Europe and American Empire's capacity to process a new spatial, social, and political planetary configuration. That being said, New Black Nationalists are skeptical that the actual number of undocumented immigrants is the consensus calculation of 11 million. For years that mysterious unchanging number has been based on previous estimates of the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey (ACS).

A 2005 study by Bear Sterns analysts using remittances, housing permits, school enrollment in undocumented immigrant communities, and cross-border flows placed the number of undocumented immigrants between 20-30 million. Similarly, a Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, report by Fazel-Zarandi and Edwar Kaplan estimated there are 22.1 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

Whatever the real number is, NBN believes it's substantially higher that 11 million. Thus, we are past the point of no return for America Empire's ruling class to hit the pause button on legal and unauthorized immigration. There can be no reset. 

Republican Party leaders' refusal to denounce GTR after the Buffalo massacre is a stark admission that the immigration reform moment has passed. Better to board the GRT train before it leaves the station. That's why Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), now on Trump's short list for Vice-President in 2024, is leading the charge to push Cathedral GRT into the political mainstream. 

In September 2021, Stefanik ran a campaign add charging that, "Democrats are creating a "PERMANENT ELECTION INSURRECTION." [Her caps] "Their plan" says Stefanik, "to grant amnesty to 11 MILLION illegal immigrants will overthrow our current electorate and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.” 

Stefanik's inflammatory rhetoric about amnesty is pure speculation. She insinuates Democrats want to "overthrow our current electorate." That's code for a Democrat coup to nullify 'legitimate' white Republicans voters. This seditious language is hardly accidental. It expands and emotionally charges the narrative of the "Stop the Steal' big lie. Republicans will weaponize 'voter replacement' in the 2022 mid-terms and 2024 presidential campaigns.  

In addition to Stefanik being the tip of the spear to inject Cathedral GRT into the electoral arena, white nationalists evolving genocidal charge sheet has four other arrows in its quiver. In the following passages, we explore Cathedral GRT's assertions of a genocidal war on the white race. 

1. White America's population is declining as a result of attacks on white families and white men through the spread of homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, and abortion rights.

White Nationalists charges that the white population is declining is true without qualification. Whites are declining both as a percentage of the total U.S. population, and in absolute numbers.  

The 2020 census found that in the previous 10 years, the Asian population in the United States had grown by 35 percent, Hispanics by 23 percent, and Black people by 5.6 percent. The number of whites declined by 8.6 percent. Overall, the white population accounts for 58% of America’s total population, a drop from 2010 when they made up 63.7% of the population.

Far be it for NBN to calculate how homosexuality, transgenderism, and feminism impact the conspiracy to perpetrate genocide on the white race. Nevertheless, we'd be interested in any evidence white nationalists wish to present that demonstrates their population centers are being forced to assume these sexual and gender identities that don't conform to the Anglo-Saxon heteropatriarchal world view. 

Abortions, however, are a different matter. Given whites' steadily declining percentage of the U.S. population, abortions shrink the bottom line of white live birth rates. In 1973, the first year of the Roe v. Wade decision, 744, 610 abortions were reported by the Guttmacher Institute.

Abortions peaked in 1983 at 1.573 million procedures with white women receiving 929,000 abortions or 59% of the total procedures recorded that year. In 2017, white women received 280,000 abortions out of 851,000 procedures reported or 32% of the total abortions. These statistics suggest abortions rates dropped faster for white women compared to Blacks and Hispanics. The data also suggest that abortion is not a major driver in the war to inflict genocide on the white race.  

That said, consider the abortions clock readings on the Number of Abortions website. It shows that since 1973 to date, the total number of Black babies aborted is 19.1 million, out of a total 63.8 million abortions since Roe v. Wade was passed. That staggering number is almost one-third of all abortions in the country and close to half of the Black population of 41.2 million recorded in the 2020 U.S. Census. 

At the same time that Cathedral white nationalists are celebrating Justice Alito's recent draft opinion to obliterate Roe v. Wade, his bestie, Justice Clarence Thomas has been writing opinions eviscerating 'Roe' because he says abortions disproportionately destroy Black life--a sort of high-tech genocide. It would appear then that white nationalists have an abortion predicament: gut abortion rights and watch the racial demographic gap expand.  

​2. Immigration policy as a tool to create a majority non-white America: "The Browning of America"

Factually speaking, the number of legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants indicate by every demographic metric, that the U.S. is on track to become a majority non-white country by 2050. By our [NBN]calculations as early as 2044.

The current number of legal and non-documented foreign-born immigrants is 44 million (13.6 percent of the total population), of which six percent are white/European. In 2020, 5.1% of the 880,000 legal immigrants admitted to the U.S. were of white/European stock.  

One can argue as Trump did to change the current legal immigration policies to import "Norwegians" only. But Norwegians aren't knocking down the doors to come to the U.S. So too, Trump's "comprehensive immigration policy" called for the mass deportation of all undocumented immigrants, half of which are visa overstays. 

Even if mass deportation was completed tomorrow, thirty million foreign-born non-white immigrants would remain in the United States. The child-birth fertility rates of those non-white legal immigrants would still far outstrip the chronically negative white population child-birth reproductive rates. White reproductive rates have consistently failed to replace the number of whites dying for the past few years. So, you tell us, is somebody forcing white couples not to have children? Or is this particular genocidal feature self-inflicted?  

For the Cathedral white nationalist camp, the expression "The Browning of America" coined by social scientists describing the new non-white majority was more aptly captured by Public Enemy's 1990 album titled "Fear of a Black Planet."  

​3. The U.S. Government and Big Pharma's prosecution of the Opiate Drug Wars to destroy white population centers.  

On Counter-Currents.com, the flagship website for white nationalist scholars, authors, and theorists, Neil Kumar's series "White Identity Nationalism, The Great Replacement" states that "Ground Zero for the Great Replacement is also Ground Zero for the Opioid Plague. Mexican cartels...use our border to ferry opioids like fentanyl into our homeland. The Opioid Plague is, second only to the Great Replacement, one of the most powerful weapons of white genocide. There’s a reason why many on the Dissident Right call this the white death, the white plague."

Kumar's charge of U.S government complicity with Big Pharma to prosecute an opiate drug war to exterminate white working class and poor people in the Appalachian and Ozark states, is interesting and ironic. It's also largely true. 

New Black Nationalists fact checked Kumar's claim that Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18-45. As reported by Fox News and other U.S. government sources, the claim is true. 

Between 2020 and 2021, nearly 79,000 people between 18 and 45 years old — 37,208 in 2020 and 41,587 in 2021 — died of fentanyl overdoses. Further NBN reviewed a report of 68, 245 opioid deaths in 2020 caused by overdoses published by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation's findings on deaths caused by opioid overdoses by race were as follows. 

Whites 47, 304
Black 11,574
Hispanic 7,966
Other 1,401  

Kumar also makes the following observation concerning an article about Max Zimmerman, an executive drug distributer at AmerisourceBergen, who "sent e-mails gleefully ridiculing 'pillbillies.' Arkansas saw the third-largest increase in the white mortality rate in the entire country, driven almost solely by opioids. When Kentucky, which he called 'OxyContinVille,' introduced new regulations, he wrote, “One of the hillbillies must have learned how to read.”

But there's more. Kumar then pivots to U.S. government complicity in this passage. "Indeed, the state was and is itself complicit in the Opioid Plague. Consider this: Prior to the American invasion of Afghanistan at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the Taliban had outlawed and destroyed the opium trade. Poppy cultivation was negligible. Immediately after the American invasion, and throughout the 20-year occupation, opium production skyrocketed. American soldiers literally guarded the poppy fields. The United States government thus directly and intentionally fueled the crisis. The Opioid Plague is but the largest symptom of a deeper problem: In our anti-white society, the ruthless war on white identity has produced a corrosive agent into the white soul, devouring white men from within."  

Anyone reading this last passage is immediately reminded of the U.S. government's complicity in flooding Black communities with heroin in the late 1960's and early 70's from Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Odd, isn't it? All these white folks dying on the Taliban's product. Oh my!  

Kumar's concluding statement about "our anti-white society" waging a "ruthless war on white identity corroding the white soul," is worse than pathetic. But we get it. That sob story was Kumar's segue into his next discourse on the genocidal war against the white race: rising white suicide rates.  

In the same article Kumar avers that "Suicide is at epidemic proportions in its own right. Between 2000 and 2017, the American suicide rate surged by 40%, driven almost entirely by blue-collar workers in industries like mining, oil, construction, and auto repair — in other words, driven almost entirely by the white working class. Just as our enemies gleefully cackle at the opioid genocide of white America, so too do they snicker at the white suicide epidemic."

Again, New Black Nationalists checked the veracity of Mr. Kumar's charges. Again, his statement is factually correct. According to the Center for Disease Control, "the suicide rate in the US has surged to its highest level in almost three decades. The increase was particularly pronounced among middle-age white people (35-67 years) who account for 34% of all US suicides. The suicide rates for middle aged white women reported the highest suicide rate of all racial groups at 10.5 per 100,000. "

The fact that White America and white nationalists have nothing to offer its youth but blind hatred, is their failure, not anyone else's. America was built for white people on other people's land, and slave labor. America's political power and social arrangement was constructed by white people for white people, including the invention of race. You created America in a white man's image it. You broke it. You own it.  

4. Pursuit of anti-2nd Amendment policies to disarm the white race through enactment of gun control laws.  

Nothing is more fundamental to establishing an argument that a war of genocide has been set into motion than the myth positing the U.S. government's attempts to enact gun control laws is a conspiracy to disarm white people. 

The constitutional right to bear arms was bestowed on white civilians in the 1780's when the newly independent America had virtually no standing army. Surrounded by hostile indigenous Indian nations, Black slaves, and foreign European powers, whites were guaranteed the right to bear arms to assist in the defense of the new republic against internal and external "enemies" of the state. 

Even as school children and countless others like the Buffalo massacre are slaughtered in America's streets with military grade weapons, the Republican Party as the guardians of the white race refuse adopt any gun control laws. They do so for two reasons. First, to keep their campaign war chest stuffed with gun lobby contributions. Second, to maintain an auxiliary, white nationalist-based militia force to suppress its internal political adversaries and provide military support for an armed coup or civil war to seize political power. 

The outbreak of a civil war in America, where there are more guns than people will be the mother of all insurgencies. The U.S., which will also have divided loyalties, simple won't be able to police the entire country. It doesn't have the troops or the resources to act as an occupying army. 

The holding of territories, cities, towns, and military zones to conduct guerilla warfare could in many instances depend on civilian militia firepower. Under no circumstances do Republicans want to disarm white people who possess most of the 400 million privately owned weapon. The weapons stockpile the Oath Keepers and others positioned around Washington, D.C. for the January 6, Capitol Coup underscores this reality.  

​5. Creation permanent Democratic Party rule by converting non-white immigrants into a Democrat electoral majority voting bloc.

We conclude with the final component of the conspiracy to wage a genocidal war against the white race where we began: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik's September 2021 claim that "Democrats are creating a "permanent liberal majority in Washington" by granting "amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants. Stefanik's claim is speculative and bombastic. In fact, she pulled the campaign ad down but in the wake of the Buffalo shooting she has doubled down on Great Replacement Theory.  

But for argument's sake, let us return to Neil Kumar's article on GRT and the argument charging a conspiracy to create a permanent Democrat majority based on non-white immigrant voting power. Kumar avers that, "By swamping our nation with compliant, Third World peasants, white political power is being consciously diluted; in some areas, whites have already reached political impotence. “In swing states like Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, the number of new, foreign-born voters already exceeds the 2016 margins of victory.

But Kumar neglects to mention that only 54 percent of eligible voters born abroad voted in the 2016 presidential election. Of the 225,163-vote difference between Trump and Clinton in the five swing states, less than 10% or roughly 22,200 votes were cast by eligible foreign-born voters. Trump won 35.5% of those votes. Thus, the net 14,430 votes for Hillary Clinton among foreign-born voters in five states hardly sounds like a swamp of peasants from shit-hole countries’ overrunning America's corporately managed elections.  

Stefanik's baseless claim was concocted for one reason: to create a gateway to inject Great Replacement Theory into the political mainstream. The replacement of white Republican voters by non-white foreign-born immigrants seeks to normalize the discussion across the political spectrum as another legitimate line of inquiry to conduct "forensic recounts and investigations." It's a Stop the Steal talking point that sucks up enough oxygen to deflect Great Replacement Theory's racist Jewish plot twist and make it more palatable to the public. 

Closing thoughts 

What the Cathedral variant of Great Replacement Theory gives Trump, and the white nationalist camp is a customized overarching doctrine that melds its litany of grievances, soundbites and slogans into a grand white nationalist doctrine. 

Trump's administration has already battlefield-tested these themes and probed the boundaries of authoritarian rule. Travel bans on Muslims, denigrating Mexicans as 'rapist', Africans from, the 400-mile wall, 'shit-hole' countries, confining refugees in concentration camps, extorting Blue States for COVID-19 supplies and funds, designating disfavored cities as "anarchist jurisdictions,' rigging elections, a violent coup to prevent the transfer of power to cap it all off. Trump has invested in the language and the infrastructure of civil war. 

The table has been set for the American variant of Great Replacement Theory. This article is an attempt to demystify GRT, and to explain how and why its Cathedral variant will unfold as the seminal mantra of the Trump-led authoritarian white nationalist movement to seize power. 

After all is said and done, no matter how one attacks, undermines, ridicules, or combats GRT's pernicious influence, never forget that white nationalists' and the Republican Party's stock and trade is emotion and fear. 

In the human experience few concepts evoke emotion and fear like being replaced, substituted for, rendered invisible and disappeared. They get that. So must we. In the end, it is the Black Commons they want to replace.