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Recommendations to Defeat Trump's Regime Change Project 


Table of Recommendations 

-- Draft Whitmer for President 2024
-- Expanding the Black Home Guard Movement
-- The 'Castle and Mote' Armed Self-Defense Strategy
-- A Grand Bargain: The Black Commons & the Democrat Party
-- National Divorce and Exit

                                "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations,                                      and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” 

                                Donald Trump,  TruthSocial - 12.3.2023 

                               "Today, I add that I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and                                      been betrayed, I am your retribution."

                                Donald Trump, CPAC Conference - Harbor National, Maryland - 3.3.2023  


Donald Trump's statements to his white nationalist cult followers in the three-month period between December 2022 and March 2023 signal his most explicit revelations defining the nature and purpose of a second Trump administration.  Terminating parts of the constitution to remedy "fraudulent elections" directly references authoritarian rule. Characterizing his administration as one of warrior-justice to eliminate his enemies evinces the essence of the Midnight Kingdom of Retribution. 

In Trump's Maga-Verse ecosystem, incessant fulminations are deliberately designed to consume the public with hate, fear, and the anxieties of the moment, thereby attempting to obscure comprehension of the larger picture. Nevertheless, these two statements were singled out to underscore the Black Commons' current location in the overall war of position with Trump's seditious conspiracy. 

In short, the Black Commons and Black Nationalists are lagging behind in our efforts to stop Trump's American Apartheid project and the accelerating pace of events leading to an existential crisis. From the standpoint of Trump's followers, the opening phases of a civil war and existential struggle for state power has already begun.  

Even without Republican control of the presidency or Congress, the Supreme Court's Lateran Council are imposing the white nationalists proto-fascist agenda on a public whose majority decidedly opposes their rulings. We have entered a new period of white minority rule: the counter-revolution is in full swing.        

By comparison, when measured in terms of its political awareness, self-defense capabilities, mitigation strategies, and critical alliances with other anti-fascist resistance forces, the Black Commons has much ground to cover. The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine recognizes the Black Commons has a short time catch up with the gathering confluence of developments in the run up to the 2024 elections. We also have a shrinking margin for error. The Battlespace Doctrine 's recommendations are ambitious. They can be achieved if we recognize the strategic advantages of the dynamic playing field we are negotiating. We have to play the hand we have been dealt or surrender to defeatism. 

The final recommendations of the Integrated Battlespace Doctrine' emphasize the intersections and strategic linking of the constituent elements outlined in the previous five sections of the document.         

A Non-Violent Alternative to Defeat Trump: Draft Gretchen Whitmer for President in 2024

The best political option to bolt the Oval Office door to Donald Trump is for grassroots Black Democrats to lead a mutiny of Democrat women and students to dump Joe Biden and draft Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as the party's strongest presidential candidate. 

Denying Trump executive control over the armed forces, intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, the Attorney General's Office, the FBI, and federal emergency powers is paramount to arrest the existential threat to the Black Commons.   

As the party's most dominant voting bloc, Black Democrats are the last force that can arrest the country's slide into authoritarian rule. Why then are Black Democrats risking the welfare of its Commons by following a weak and damaged candidate like Joe Biden to the presidential election gallows. Grassroots Black Democrats have to muster the courage to launch a draft Whitmer movement because the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Black Democrat Party apparatchiks are hopelessly tethered to the Biden machine. Left to their own devices, they lack the will to prosecute this fight. 

The Democrat Party's Biden Predicament could be easily solved by the one man who can tell Joe it's time to take up gardening. Barak Obama could approach Joe and as the British say, "have the chat."  But just like Obama balked at pressing the issue with Notorious RBG to vacate the Supreme Court chair, he will choke again.   

From NBN's perspective, Biden is too fragile, too conciliatory, too old, and too institutionally invested to emotionally connect with the political shift in the Democrat Party's base to youth and women voters. He lacks the candle-watt power and charisma to animate the huge voter turnout needed to defeat Trump.  An April 2023, Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs poll found 52% percent of Democrats said Biden should not seek reelection. Worse still, the May ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 63% of American adults don't think Biden has the "mental sharpness" it takes to serve effectively as president.

Moreover, as NBN noted last November his son Hunter was "dirty" on taxes and his Ukraine business dealings. The DOJ's appointment of a Special Counsel in July to investigate Hunter Biden is an albatross around Joe's neck that won't go away. Biden also has exposure on possession of classified documents. Biden's support in the Black community is soft. Black men and younger voters may find Cornel West's Green Party candidacy a more attractive alternative.

NBN's three-part analysis, Demographics is Destiny, NBN outlined the argument for Whitmer's candidacy.  It lays out a strategy to capture 270 Electoral College Votes to win the November 2024 election and advances a blueprint for a grassroots Draft Whitmer 2024 effort to win a "Brokered Convention" in Chicago in August 2024. In NBN's view, "Big Gretch" brings the noise. She is a lightning rod to women on the abortion issue, LGTBQI activists, independents, crossover Republicans, and youth. Michigan had the highest youth voter turnout in the country. Her campaign puts Michigan in the Democrat column in the critical Midwest battleground region which she understands better than any other potential Democrat candidate.  

A Trump defeat in the 2024 elections, will trigger MAGA-Verse plots to overturn election results in battleground states or at the bar of the Supreme Court’s Lateran Council. A Supreme Court rejection of Trump's attempt to nullify a Democrat victory will unleash MAGA-Verse asymmetric terrorist attacks and other violent acts of revenge. To succeed, Trump would be forced to lead a secession movement to partition the country into Red States and Blue States--the National Divorce option--or deliver on his promise to win a civil war. Losing on both accounts would condemn Trump to perish in a federal prison. 

Thus, a Whitmer November 5, 2024, election night victory won't resolve the Trump Predicament. It would, however, dramatically reposition the Black Commons to influence the new administration's policies and actions to suppress the Trump menace. It would give Black Democrats leverage to demand appointments to critical positions ensuring the Black Commons' collective security posture is hardened to resist the inevitable MAGA-Verse counterattacks. 

​Expanding the Black Home Guard Movement 

The coalescence of the Black Home Guard during Donald Trump's presidency is an unusual polyglot of Black women’s shooting clubs, self-defense community-based groups, radical gun clubs, national Black gun associations, 501 C-3's, Second Amendment Rights activists, Black religious, separatist, and nationalist militias. 

Hovering on the perimeter of the Black Home Guard are heavily armed street toughs, crews, petty criminals, gangs, and hustlers schooled in the arts of dark enterprises. In the 1960s, the Black Panther Party upheld this layer of the Black Commons as a revolutionary force they called the "lumpenproletariat."

The Black Home Guard (BHG) has no charismatic leader, no snappy slogans that roll off the tongue, no flagship organization, no collective manifesto, no financial maven bankrolling its sundry projects, no public relations gurus crafting messaging strategies, and no discernible action plan. Yet, it grows.

If the BHG is to continue to grow and maintain its creative organic character, it should be left that way.  Some things are best left alone. This is one of them. The Black Home Guard Movement will grow and instinctually find its way to the front lines when the hour calls. It is a critically important movement that organized Black forces should not try to lead unless their advice is solicited by BHG elements. 

 A 'Castle and Moat' Armed Self-Defense Strategy (C&M): Some Thoughts on Armed Struggle 

​Formulating an armed struggle strategy to liberate the Black Commons which comprises 13 percent of the population and is dispersed across 3,119,885 square miles requires a plan that overcomes long odds.  

Notwithstanding its dispersed national footprint, 70 percent of the Black Commons live in cities and their inner-ring suburbs, as do Hispanics. By contrast, America's fastest-growing outlying ex-urban counties are 73 percent white, and the country's rural population is 78 percent predominantly white. 

This demographic template reveals two trends that inform New Black Nationalists Castle and Moat Armed Self-Defense Strategy (C&M). The first countervailing trend C&M seeks to reconcile is the differential between the Black Commons' dispersed national character and the concentration of its population centers in cities and their inner-suburban rings. This phenomenon exists irrespective of geographic region. 

The second aspect of the dispersed/concentration differential reflects the military problem of strategic encirclement or stated differently, the white periphery versus the Black center. Leaving aside the question of where the loyalties of any given state's National Guard reside, only 24.5 percent or 8.7 million of 35 million Blacks own legally purchased firearms. By comparison, 36.6 percent of whites own 84 million legally registered firearms. Although reliable statistics are difficult to verify, the number of active white nationalist militias, NBN estimates there are eight (8) national white militias, 39 state white militias, and 28 local white militias. If NBN assigns the larger Black Gun Clubs militia status, there are less than ten (10) nationwide. 

Taking these data points into consideration, if the MAGA-Verse commences a guerilla or civil war the Black Commons would have to fight from a strategic defensive position to neutralize or defeat the existential threat.
We need strategies that reduce the population and firearms advantage hostile ex-urban and rural whites enjoy by forcing them to travel and fight on unfamiliar urban terrain--street by street if necessary.  

Operating on the first principle of armed conflict that holds "preserve oneself and destroy the enemy," New Black Nationalists recommend the Black Home Guard and the Black Commons weigh the option of adopting a  
Castle and Moat Armed Self-Defense Strategy (C&M).   

First developed as defensive strategy by ancient Nubians and Egyptians, the Castle and Moat Armed Self-Defense Strategy (C&M) was popularized during the feudal Middle Ages.  Castle and Moat were integrated defense system consisting of large and tall fortified structures that housed ruling kings, nobles, dukes, aristocrats and feudal barons, and their administrative staff, artisans, traders, and soldiers that dominated their land-based fiefdoms They were virtual cities within walls. For additional security to keep attackers from scaling it walls, tunneling beneath them, or collapsing them with powerful battering rams, deep moats of waters surrounded the castles. Once the castle's drawbridge is drawn up, the castle becomes an impregnable fortress. 

With the concentration of Black population centers in cities and their inner-ring suburbs, the Black Commons can strive to protect its majority population centers by fortifying metropolitan areas against white nationalist militia and law enforcement assaults. Dominating the metropolitan areas perimeter is the moat. Controlling access to roads and bridges, establishing formidable barriers to entry, mining strategic passes, organizing citizens militias, and conducting mass combat training can prep the Commons to repel MAGA-Verse attacks.

The goal of fighting from the strategic defensive position is to hold turf, and raise the political, military and human costs to an unacceptable level for our adversaries. Repelling the attacks and offering the stiffest resistance will help demoralize the enemy while inspiring many who are sitting on the fence to support or join our cause. The longer the resistance holds out and controls cities, pressure will grow from diverse national and international quarters for cease fires and negotiations.  

In Blue States where the Black Home Guard gains control of the community or local authority breaks down and spontaneous uprisings unexpectedly elevate the Black community to power, demands for autonomy or independent city-states can be pressed. In Red States where the Black community resistance leads to a stalemate, negotiations may result in resettlement agreements for Black communities with guarantees for safe passage and compensation for property lost.  

Increasingly, NBN is skewing toward a position that should civil war erupt, it would be difficult for Red States or Blue States, MAGA or Non MAGA states to win on a nationwide basis. Such a scenario would require one side or the other to assume complete control of the U.S. Armed Forces and deploy them to subdue millions of the civilian population in at least half the country.  This scenario doesn't seem to be a tenable or sustainable position. 

For that reason, NBN believe some sort of National Divorce agreement is likely to surface as a way out for both sides. A National Divorce accord could either head off a civil war or emerge after the bloodletting begins to end the fighting.  Any National Divorce agreements, negotiations, or territorial swaps must of necessity involve enforceable population transfer protocols. These population transfers could be massive or relatively small, but they will be critical to any partition of the country. 

Whether the Black Commons hold urban areas or enclaves for three months, six months, or a year, we will be engaged in radical new experiments of self-rule. What we will learn in those short days about the Black Commons capacity to take destiny into their hands will constitute a lifetime of lessons in self-government. New organs of power will be created. New types of organizations will emerge, as will new leaders and collective forms of struggle. 

Just as medieval castles housed the administration and soldiers of the feudal lord, liberated cities will become the nerve centers of Black self-government. In a revolutionary situation, governmental collapse, or civil war almost anything can happen, and it will.  The more the Black Commons defend their communities across the country there will be breakthroughs. 

​A Grand Bargain Between the Black Commons, Black Nationalists & the Democrat Party for a Nation-State

Speaking on behalf of a significant minority of our communities, the Black Commons will not fight and shed its blood to defeat Trump’s MAGAVerse neo-fascists to preserve the status quo. We are not fighting to save American Empire, the Democrat Party or well-meaning but ethically weak white people from themselves. We're done with American Empire's corporately managed democracy. This must be made clear to the Democrat Party and others from the outset that the Black Commons support is conditional. 

Gaining leverage over the Democrat Party can be achieved if grassroots Black Democrats derail Joe Biden as the presumptive frontrunner, and Grethen Whitmer wins the presidency. The Black Commons can negotiate everything from security arrangements for our communities to political independence if American Empire collapses. In our view the Black Commons' minimalist starting position should demand land to create a majority Black-led multiracial nation-state. The Black homelands must accommodate 25% of the current Black population of 35 million people. To all Black people who wish to remain in the domain of American Empire, we wish them well. Choice--after all-- is the essence of self-determination. 

In no uncertain terms what New Black Nationalist want is exit and an independent Black republic. It goes without saying that if a formal accord cannot be reached with the Democrat Party, this account will be settled by other means. Any formal agreement establishing territories designated as Black homelands should be enumerated in a National Divorce accord.  

​Adopting a National Divorce Political Framework for Black Exit and Creating Independent Polities

As previously stated, defeating Donald Trump in the 2024, presidential elections reduce but does not remove MAGA-Verse threats to overthrow the federal government or initiate Red State secession movements and civil war.  Accordingly, the Black Commons need a broader political framework to build support for armed self-defense and a comprehensive strategy to divert American Empire from the path of a catastrophic civil conflict.   

Adopting an affirmative position on National Divorce furnishes the Black Commons and Black Nationalists with a highly serviceable template to advocate for armed self-defense, a peaceful negotiated settlement to dissolve and partition American Empire into new sovereign republics.    

For those who may not be familiar with the idea of National Divorce, the concept can be briefly outlined as follows. National Divorce in the context of American Empire is a hypothetical scenario to avoid a civil war between Republican Red States and Democrat Blue States. As a voluntary agreement, a National Divorce would divide the country into two or more sovereign countries along political lines. 

New Black Nationalists first goal is to change the terms of the current National Divorce from a division or partition of American Empire into Red States and Blue States only to include the creation of a Black nation-states and national polities.       

As previously discussed, National Divorce accord could conceivably involve Republican Red States and Democrat Blue States seceding or breaking away from the federal government and declaring independence. As a practical matter, National Divorce agreements have been implemented in several countries like the partition of Czechoslovakia into two states (Slovakia and the Czech Republic) following the dissolution of the U.S.S.R in 1989.   

Since the mid-2010s, the National Divorce concept initially popularized by fringe Libertarians has edged from the margins into the national discourse. Heightened divisions between Democrats and Republicans had already fractured the country along partisan, ideological, and racial lines. But Republicans embrace of Trump's autocratic white nationalist ideology and the January 6, Barristers Coup has legitimized the notion that violent insurrection is an acceptable means to obtain state power. 

Interest in National Divorce as a bulwark to prevent a violent civil conflagration is growing consonant with the increased frequency Trump and MAGA-Verse occultists bay about launching a civil if he is convicted on felony charges, imprisoned, or loses the 2024 election. A 2021 study by the University of Virginia Center of Politics polled 1,011 supporters of President Biden and 1,001 supporters of former President Donald Trump, with a 2.2 percent margin of error. The poll found that 41 percent of Biden voters and 52 percent of Trump supporters "would favor [blue or red] states seceding from the union to form their own separate country."

While interest in National Divorce is growing it is still considered a novel idea in the United States. While virtually every major newspaper and media outlet has written articles on National Divorce, they have largely dismissed it as a remote possibility. It is not National Divorce they dismiss, but the denial of civil war. Publishing articles about Trump and his white supremist threats to provoke civil war is sexy and fodder for click bait these days. 

But analysis of scenarios enumerating how America's resources, assets, debts, and military inventories could be equitably divided up among seceding states has been deemed impossible--as if computer programs and artificial intelligence fields could not render simulated models.  NBN is not buying it.  Battlespace not only contains the Black Commons request for land to facilitate exit and self-determination, but our article Nuclear Weapons Policy and Creating a Black Nation-State also details the demands for Vesey Republic's Strategic Air Defense and Nuclear Weapons systems.   

How a National Divorce Position Supports Armed Self-Defense & Defeating Trump's Regime Change Plot     
The following bullet points summarize how adopting a National Divorce position helps consolidate support for the armed for the Black Commons self-defense, expanding the Black Home Guard, defeating Trump's regime change project, and positioning the Black Commons to seize opportunities to create majority Black-led polities in concert with the collapse of America Empire. 

---Taking a pro-National Divorce provides Black Nationalists an expanded platform to articulate positions that                  mitigate and prevent Trump's seditious conspiracy project from launching asymmetrical, guerilla, and civil war to          overthrow the federal government. The Black Commons can thus seize the high moral ground as the advocates of        peace, reconciliation, and an equitable negotiated settlement between all participating parties. 

-- Because the Black Commons and its communities have been targeted by explicit self-identified white supremist            assassins, all Black communities have the necessity and right to self-arm and defend their legitimate collective              security interests against future attacks. 

-- In making the argument for a National Divorce accord, the Black Commons can play the leading role in defining the      parameters of what constitutes a just and equitable dissolution of American Empire. If there is one lesson, we                can take from the 1787 Philadelphia Constitutional Convention it's that James Madison's arrived as the most                  prepared delegate armed with his own constitutional plan (The Virginia Plan) and notes from virtually every major        historical attempt to form a representative republic. It was Madison that could address most objections and clarify        the stream of grey areas that arose during the debates. 

    Black Nationalists have a special role to play in this regard. We more than anyone have an interest in                              developing the most serious secession plan and partition proposal for the Black Commons and the other parties            that could participate in a dissolution process. 

    NBN's recommendations to create a nation-state in Mississippi and Louisiana, independent city-states in Detroit            and Baltimore, an independent state in Michigan and another carved-out from federal lands in Alaska, and an                autonomous region in California reflect a range of concerns. The selections take into account the dispersed                    geographic character of the Black Commons, having reasonably defensible borders, clear corridors to
    international airspace and direct access to international waters, international borders and shipping ports facilities.        One of the largest challenges we confront in implementing a National Divorce accord is formulating a population        transfer agreement. NBN foresees a formidable problem of population transfers for the Black Commons living in           deep Southern states.

-- Reparations: National Divorce is the perfect platform for Black reparations. National Divorce skeptics agree on one        thing it's that dividing America's resources, assets, debts, and military weapons system among consenting parties is      at best unrealistic if not impossible.  Imagine American Empire could refinance Western Europe with a Marshall            Plan, invade Iraq and Afghanistan as nation-building projects, but can't figure out how to reconcile X's and O's on a        Quick Books Excel spread sheet Red States and Blue States.        

Arguably, Black reparations analysts could be the most prepared to negotiate compensatory damages and land            conveyances to satisfy the reparations costs owed to Black descendants of slaves. The vast experience reparations      activists, analysts, and lawyers have accumulated in victory and defeat from HR 40 in Congress to the California and    Evanston, Illinois cases put the Black Commons is good stead. From the Black Nationalist perspective, reparations      were always viewed as the principal down payment by the federal government when the Black Commons exercised    its right to self-determination to create a sovereign nation-state. National Divorce places reparations and self-              determination in their natural relationship and context to each other.     


The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine 
August 5, 2023
"The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. In the process, the colonized acquire a peculiar visceral intelligence dedicated to the survival of body and soul." 

Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth

Recommendations to Defeat Trump's Regime Change Project