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In April 2022, the New Black Nationalist Network (NBN) launched a project to create a governance model for a future majority-Black led nation-state on North America's continental land mass.    

As an independent and self-contained nucleus of vision holders, NBN was formed in 2018, to provision the Black Nationalist movement with analytical and theoretical products. While NBN resources the Black diaspora with news and thought documents, our circulating concern supports the founding of a sovereign Black nation-state and residual black polities within American Empire's metropole.  

Today, New Black Nationalists are pleased to announce on June 19, 2024, the release of the Vesey Republic government model for a future Black nation-state in conjunction with the 158th observance of the Juneteenth celebrations.  

Named to honor Denmark Vesey, the former slave who planned the most extensive slave rebellion in American history in Charleston, South Carolina in 1822, NBN will propose the creation of the Vesey Republic Estate Parliament system of government.  

Vesey's proposed Estate Parliamentary model affects a radical departure from America's dysfunctional presidential constitutional republic system and modification of the United Kingdom's Westminster system. 

Vesey's Estate Parliamentary system creates a unicameral and unilateral parliamentary republic that fuses legislative, executive and judicial functions in one governing body led by a First Prime Minister/majority party leadership structure with no separation of powers doctrine. As proposed, the Vesey Republic is a unitary state, with one majority Women-Led Autonomous Region.        

The proposed Vesey Republic governance model, its political project, and theory of governance signals the arrival of the Fourth Wave of Black Nationalist movements. New Black Nationalists' genealogy identifies the three previous waves as follows.  

1st Wave - 1850s-60s: Martin Delaney's praxis and articulation of Black self-determination in his publication of The Condition, Elevation, Emigration, and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States, Politically Considered (1852).

2nd Wave - 1919-1928: Post-First World War and Russian Revolution era. The African Blood Brotherhood and Harry Haywood's theory of the Black nation-state and homeland in the Black Belt South adopted by the 6th Comintern in 1928 in Moscow.   

3rd Wave - 1962-1969: The evolutionary collaboration Max Stamford (Revolutionary Action Movement), Malcolm X, Imari and Gaidi Obadele, Queen Mother Moore, Betty Shabazz and Robert Williams to form the Provisional Government-Republic of New Afrika in 1968 in Detroit.   

The 4th Wave is marked by Black Nationalists response to American Empire's precipitous decline and rising authoritarianism that threatens to collapse the federal government. The election of an authoritarian white nationalist president in 2016, and subsequent armed January 6, Barristers Coup at the U.S. Capital to seize power ushered in a new historical period. 

Elections are no longer considered as a reliable or legitimate means to democratically select the countries' political leadership by a substantial minority of Americans, including the Republican Party. The new order of the day is partisan rejection of election results won by the adversary party, fomenting armed insurrection against the certified winners, and race-based replacement theory to substitute civil war and secession as legitimate remedies to resolve political difference. 

Legally, America's "constitutional" republic is on the precipice of reverting back to Europe's medieval "Trial by Battle," doctrine introduced in the 1066 Norman invasion of England. The doctrine was still in effect in the U.S. to determine the legal outcome of the Civil War.          

In today's threat environment marked by the Civil War's historical precedents, it would be irresponsible for Black Nationalists not to offer the Black Commons an alternative path to Democrat's corporately managed sham democracy and Donald Trump's attempt to impose an authoritarian version of American Apartheid on the country by any means necessary.  

Moreover, for Black Nationalists not to provide the Black Common's with analysis, recommendations, and theoretical tools to navigate the impending constitutional crises, possible government collapse and breakup into new states, rejects the historical precedents set by free and enslaved Blacks during the 1776 Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. 

During those existential conflicts, some cohorts of Blacks fought for U.S. Continentals.  Others shouldered arms with the British Redcoats to win their freedom and safe passage to Canada, Trinidad, London, and Sierra Leone to establish free communities and nation-states.   

For all these reasons, not only is developing a plan for governing a future Black nation-state relevant: it is urgent. The elections are eight months away. Trump's MAGA forces have been planning and preparing for the past three years.    

The Vesey Republic's Estate Parliamentary model will address spell out essential elements in our governing model.  

-- The distribution of government powers
-- The relationship of government institutions to each other
-- The limit on the government's powers
-- The rights of citizens and residents of the Women Led Autonomous Region
-- The role of ballot initiatives and referenda

On Juneteenth 2024, New Black Nationalists will present its final draft of four foundational documents to establish a government structure of a future Black nation-state. These documents have been previewed over the past year. They will be withdrawn from the site and reposted in on Saturday June 8, 2024, in advance of the Juneteenth 2024 observance.  

​In the interim period the following two documents will remain accessible on the site. We encourage our visitors to review them.   

What New Black Nationalists Believe 

Governance Theory of Elasticity

Beyond enumerating the articles and principles comprising the fundamental law controlling the exercise of political power and the rights of its citizens, New Black Nationalists must provide a theory of its governance model.  

What principles will guide the Vesey Republic and serve as the foundation to develop a sense of national purpose and identity? ​What social policies and public goods will be derived from Vesey's government for individuals, families, and communities? What considerations will factor into the Vesey Republic's national defense and security portfolio. 

From now until Juneteenth and beyond, New Black Nationalist wills continue to provide commentary and analysis on the vital issues of raised by the project to create a Black nation-state. On March 1, 2024, we will post all discussion and thought documents on the Vesey Republic of Letters page.         

All these questions embody our vision of who we are, what we aspire to be, where we want to travel, and what the destination of our journey looks like. The Black Commons are deserving of the most visionary, energetic, and serviceable program to build a new majority Black-led republic and non-heteropatriarchal nation-state New Black Nationalist 

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Vesey Republic Foundational Documents
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